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  • Skye: Sandra, I don't care that you're upset
  • Skye: oh my god I can't believe Sandra doesn't care that I'm upset

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foods dangerous to dogs:

  1. avocadoes
  2. alcohol
  3. raw bread dough
  4. caffeine
  5. chocolate
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. macadamia nuts
  9. raw salmon
  10. xylitol (artificial sweeteners)

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I love skye but be honest, if the fight was with someone else, you would all have no hate towards Ryan…

I’m not being some delusional fangirl, like I know he said things that were wrong, but my point is still valid.


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this has been pissing me off for 2 days..


everyone whinging about Ryan being a douche to Skye is so ridiculous, aside from when him and Sandra walked away and had to laugh about it because they were like “what the hell just happened? / what the hell was Skye even talking about?” everything he said was real, he wasn’t even talking to Skye…


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conclusion left!1111 the end is near my friends 


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protivnik said: correct.

gone girl is amazing. have fun 


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protivnik said: no need to look, it was gone girl! the moment i saw "when I think of my wife, i always think of her head" i knew right away. i shall get started now. thank you very much

who are you? 


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it is weird as well as refreshing when the only thing that keeps you up anymore are essays. no more heartbreak, no more fear. 


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protivnik said: hi nat, i was wondering if you still knew the name of the book you showed me well over a year ago that was something about being in the mind of a psychopath? i remember you sent me a .pdf of it back then but i've cleared my computer out several times since way back then. i've been doing a lot of reading over the past few months and as i've started watching this new tv show (stalker), it made me remember that book vaguely. much appreciated if you could give me the title of that book :) thanks, z

I don’t actually remember.. i’ll have a look on sunday. Read gone girl though. It is much better than whatever book I told you about. 

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every boy is a fuckboy til he proves otherwise

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relatable gifs and quotes
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I just saw Gone Girl so I know what happens to cheaters, praying Lawson’s girlfriend comes thru like Miss Amy Elliott-Dunne